Award Angi 2018 – Associazione Nazionale Giovani Innovatori (National Association of Young Innovators) Prize awarded to Sanity System as the best Italian innovation in the energy and environment category.

“100 Eccellenze Italiane” (100 Italian Excellences) 2019 Prize awarded by the Liber Association to Sanity System as the best company in the environmental sanitation category.

Clean is beautiful, sanitized is better!

Sanitizing systems with ozone for a fresher air and a healthier water

We produce portable generators of ozone for the professional sanitization with ozone of motor vehicles, health environments and commercial locals. We provide systems of air and water disinfection in 18 countries in the world, in Europe, Asia and USA.

Sanity System certified sanitization with ozone

The best technology at the service of your health

Our generators destroy bacteria, mold and viruses and remove bad smells. They are safe because they respect the strictest rules in the subject of health and safe protection in the working places and they are effective because their action is certified and attested.


Vanguard solutions to purify inner air and to disinfect water

In every closed place Sanity System devices improve the quality of indoor air and increase healthiness and stay comfort. Air purification against allergens and the use of ozonized water improve the level of hygiene of every working environment and make microbiologically safe each structure with a recreational, social, commercial and health function.

Sinitizing with ozone

Easy, quick, 100% eco-friendly disinfection respecting nature and man

Among every disinfectants, ozone is the most effective natural agent against bacteria, viruses and bad smells. Its disinfecting power is higher even than chlorine and it’s most effective than the traditional and widespread chemical cleansers.

icona batteri e virus
Neutralizes bacteria
and viruses

It removes more than 99% of bacteria,
germs, viruses, yeasts, moulds,
fungus, spores, pollen and dust mites.

ecologica e naturale
Ecological and low-cost

It disinfects without necessity
of refills, additives or chemical detergents.
It doesn’t release toxic
residues in environment.

elimina cattivi odori
bad odors

it removes the unpleasant
odors of smoking, mold, cooking,
perspiration and animal fur.


It penetrates in depth and
reaches the most hidden points
where bacteria and
allergens settle.

allontana insetti infestanti
Infesting insects

It repels flies, mosquitos,
fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches,
ants and little rodents.


It sanitizes without damaging
fabric, pieces of furniture,
and equipment It is not
flammable and it doesn’t
cause irritation to skin.

Sanity Point & Sanity O-Zone

Exclusive professional services improving your business

Join more than 3000 Sanity Points in the world, the network of car wash services, car body shops, repair shops and service stations adopting the sanitizing treatment with ozone, thanks to the Sanity System certified method, where you can ask for the sanitizing service of your car.

Become a Sanity O-Zone, the network of accomodating structures, health environments and commercial locals with the Sanity System certified method, in order to offer your clients an exclusive comfort.


Would you like extending the range of the services you offer to your clients?

Become a Sanity Point! Discover all the advantages reserved to your activity.


Would you like improving the comfort of your structure?

Become a Sanity O-Zone! Discover all the advantages reserved to your activity.


Do you want to disinfect your car in a quick, easy and ecological way? Try to sanitize with ozone the interior and air-conditioning system


Do you want to stay in a hotel sanitizing its own rooms or confiding in a doctor who sanitizes his medical practice?


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